Join IGNE in the Netherlands

32 - 40 hours — Utrecht


We are an e-health startup and digital agency from Utrecht and might be looking for you to work on our customer projects and our own e-health solutions.


  • Build e-health solutions to change the care sector
  • Build and maintain software for our customers
  • Work among startups in a young and enthusiastic team in Utrecht
  • Company MacBook, travel allowance, study budget and all the open-source software you want ;-)
  • Free lunch, good coffee, LAN parties and enjoy drinks on Fridays
  • Career opportunities in a startup
  • Build a development empire with us :)

What we do

Customer projects are covered under the IGNE-brand. We work for healthcare organizations, but also for startups from other sectors. A selection of what you can expect:
A hybrid app for the Chinese market in which you can build up a wine collection in cellars in Europe, the development of a large-scale IT media platform and continu to develop the community platform Mingly that connects its users by letting them swipe through profile cards.

Our other brand, Amulet, develops e-health products because we believe software has the power to improve people's lives. Certainly at healthcare and social institutions, software is not the first thing they think of to help people. We believe this is a missed opportunity. We put time, attention and passion into software so that the institution can spend twice as much time, attention and passion on their people.

Tech stack

We work in most of our projects with PHP and JS frameworks and together with the team we look for the best framework for each job. Three examples:

Shuttle app voor Danone

• Vue frontend
• Node.js backend

Amulet Webinar (our own product)

• Laravel Livewire full-stack framework
• External services, such as TokBox video API and our own ANT media server

Informal Care Platform

• Laravel backend
• Frontend JS, SCSS, Blade templates
• Many external services, such as Coconut (video conversion), Pusher (push notifications & realtime features for in-app chat and notifications) and many Amazon-integrations.

Here you can find us 📍

We are located in Dotslash: the hub for start-ups and scale-ups in Utrecht, 10 minutes by bike from Utrecht Central Station. We have a large office here where we hang out on Fridays for a drink or a game of Mario Kart. You can often find us at the ping-pong tables or in the restaurant.


Visa requirements

You might want to apply for our job in the Netherlands. There are several requirements that apply to everyone. Find out which requirements these are.

Do I need a visa and what if I haven't got one?
You need a residence permit to work in the Netherlands.

If you haven't got one, you must apply for a permit, in which IGNE can act as visa-sponsor. Read more about this below:

Applying for a visa, what do I need?
To start a valid passport or other travel document and you do not pose a danger to public order or national security. For working at IGNE you also need an evaluated (foreign) diploma.

What kind of diploma do I need?
A diploma from a designated foreign educational institution.

Which conditions must be met to qualify with a foreign degree?
• Your educational institution must be listed in the top 200 of the aforementioned general ranking lists or ranking lists by subject of at least 2 of the 3 aforementioned publishers;
• Your educational institution must be listed in the top 200 of these ranking lists on the date you completed your study programme or PhD;
• The ranking list(s) by subject in which your educational institution is/are listed in the top 200 must relate to your field of study or research.

And who are you? This is what we are looking for

You have got

  • for Frontend, experience with a Javascript front-end framework such as React, Vue, Angular
  • for Backend, experience with PHP and possibly with PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, etc
  • in each case a strong urge to discover and improve

You are

  • Honest. We are critical, do not mince words and provide a substantiated expert opinion, taking the budget into account.

  • Curious. We work passionately, are naturally curious, do not stare blindly at what we already know, but look for new solutions.

  • Targeted. We work purposefully with a focus on utility and usability.

Do you join our team?

Application process

after meeting the requirements

1: Short intake

2: Video call

3: Take-home assignment

4: Sparring with technical lead

5: Contract proposal